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Welcome to Sandbox.

Sandbox is a space that showcases some of the more creative projects that I have done. These projects are generally focused around physical computing, speculative design and technology and have been completed over a 1 - 2 week time frame and in some cases over a year.

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Augmented Theremin   |   Unity 

Risky Business   |   Mater Hospital

Using Unity, C#, and Vuforia to replicate an augmented theremin on my laptop. Using these tools and custom drawn target cards, Unity was able to track the distance of the target cards using C#, which allowed Unity to vary the pitch and frequency of the sound being played when I moved the target cards around the screen.

Risky Business is a collaborative project with the Mater hospital. It implements interactive seating that uses thought-provoking drawings from local school children to send messages of encouragement to health care staff to maintain social distancing in break time areas, with the aim of breaking Covid transmissions.


Deceiving surveillance    Speculative

Mapping Data   |

Can public face tracking be deceived, and is it your right to be allowed to deceive it? This project looked at how CCTV could be deceived using Ir lights and a speculative app that could map CCTV zones to stay hidden in a futuristic surveillance state.

This project was based on coding and visualising interactive data using The web app shows the effects rising sea levels will have on a map of Ireland if global warming isn't tackled. The map can be interacted with, and water blobs can be dragged and dropped over the map to simulate rising sea levels.

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